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Later Life Sex and Rubin’s ‘Charmed Circle’

Later Life Sex and Rubin’s ‘Charmed Circle’


Gayle Rubin’s now classic idea of the ‘charmed group’ is much employed by scholars of sex to go over the ways by which some kinds of intercourse are privileged over others. In this paper, I use the thought of the charmed group to a different topic—later life—in purchase both to increase concept about later life sex also to include an older-age lens to considering intercourse hierarchies. Traditional discursive resources around older people’s intimate tasks, which treat older people’s intercourse as inherently beyond the charmed group, now coexist with brand new imperatives for the elderly to keep intimately active included in a wider project of ‘successful’ or ‘active’ aging. Continue reading “Later Life Sex and Rubin’s ‘Charmed Circle’”

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